Coco Gauff, now 19, aims for a "double-digit" Grand Slam count, expressing her ambition to win many more major titles.

Gauff's progression from a 250-level tournament win to a Grand Slam victory at the US Open 2023 has been methodical and strategic.

Ahead of the Australian Open 2024, Gauff emphasizes her goal of achieving double-digit Grand Slam victories, acknowledging it as a challenging but high-reaching objective.

Previously aspiring to be the "greatest of all time," Gauff notes the importance of setting high goals and pushing herself beyond perceived limits.

Reflecting on her US Open 2023 win, Gauff focuses on the mental strength displayed during challenging matches rather than dwelling on the past.

Gauff's recent success in Auckland, where she won her first title post-US Open, indicates a strong start to the season and hints at a potential deep run in the Australian Open.

Gauff made adjustments to her service motion in the off-season to enhance stability during the toss, recognizing the significance of a strong serve as a weapon in her game.

Despite having a powerful serve, Gauff highlights her court coverage, tactical adaptability, and poise as crucial elements contributing to her success on the court.

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